Polyphasic Sleeping

Sleep Patterns

One of the things that Buckminster Fuller tried during his lifetime was polyphasic sleeping. The dymaxion schedule is named after him where he slept 45 mins every 6 hours. Since then polyphasic sleep has attracted a big community and has also gathered some scientific proof as a safe technique.

Both of the authors have adapted to the everyman schedule. You can read about some of their experiences here.

Interesting articles on polyphasic sleeping.

REM sleep helps creativity

Some word’s of advice

Puredoxyk’s Polyphasic Sleep Portal

Polyphasic Sleep Google Group

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  1. […] In 1943, he revealed that he slept only two hours a day as part of his experimentation with polyphasic sleep. He also obsessed over documenting his life literaly fifteen minutes at a time. No detail was too […]

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