Creative Thinking

In a recent workshop that I attended, Ayd Instone spoke about how to be a creative thinker. Most often we equate creative thinking with new workable ideas. Before I present Ayd’s formula on coming up with such ideas, I need to classify how the two halves of our brains interact to come up with these ideas.

  • Left Brain is associated with Critical Thinking: Facts, Judgments, Logic, Vocabulary, Time
  • Right Brain is associated with Creative Thinking: Relationships, Pattern Recognition, Images, Emotions

For us to come up with new ideas there are seven stages that need to be completed and different stages require the use of different half of your brain. The stages are:

  1. Intuition (Right) – Some sort of an idea
  2. Saturation (Left) – Information gathering
  3. Incubation (Right) – Letting the information cook
  4. Inspiration (Right) – Result of filtering the information
  5. Evaluation (Left) – Critical thought
  6. Elaboration (Right) – Deeper thought
  7. Action (Left) – Result of all of the above if the idea survives all these stages!

I find this a valuable classification and believe that most of my ideas are at the saturation stage. It also shows that to come up with creative thoughts you use more right brain than left brain. The way to develop your right brain? Do creative things like painting, listening to music, and watching movies! So the moral of the story is that unless you have a fairly balanced life it will be hard to come up with great new ideas, or at least that is Ayd’s conclusion.

~ by Akshat Rathi on November 13, 2009.

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  1. wow.. i got another excuse to watch movies… ty šŸ˜€

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