Decision Making

As part of the Peer Support training that I am undergoing with the University Counselling Services, we are given different activities to help develop the skill-set needed to be an effective Peer Supporter. I found one such task on decision making worth mentioning on this blog. I recommend you to try it out for yourself.

Scenario 1: There is a decision making queen in town and she will take 3 decisions for you. These decisions will be taken by her on hearing from you about the problem. The decision she takes will be in your best interest.

Your task is to write down which 3 decisions will you ask her to take for you and to describe all the factors surrounding that decision. During the process record how you feel.

Scenario 2: Now the decision making queen will make all your decisions except 3. Again, all decisions taken would be in your best interest.

Your task is to write down which 3 decisions you will not let her make. No need to describe any details here.

Conclusion: Many people end up having the same decision in both cases. This shows how torn they are over that particular decision. Some people find that when they write down all the pros & cons of a decision, they are often able to make a decision themselves and don’t need that queen. Also, if this is done as a group activity, you will realise how different the definition of ‘best interest’ is for different people. Which shows that when they respond to a certain thing their actions, most of the times, will have a rational explanation. Thus, this is one more reason to be a non-judgmental person and that, my friends, was the point of the exercise.


~ by Akshat Rathi on November 6, 2009.

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